Preincubation is the program or process carried out in institutions of innovative and supportive environment for entrepreneurship and is aimed at consulting and other supportive services from business ideas until the establishment of a company. This phase is extremely important for any future entrepreneur, as every individual with business ideas goes through individual consulting; during consulting not only a business plan as one of the key strategic documents, but also the plan of operation in early stages of development is produced.

Preincubation activities
Preincubation activities, carried out in the business incubator, are following:
• assistance in preparing a business plan,
• education and training,
• mentorship.

We offer basic business consulting to individuals with a business idea for the following areas:
• business consulting (basics about entrepreneurship, threats and opportunities of independent company, different types of companies etc.),
• accounting and financial consulting (basics about accounting),
• tax and contributions (value added tax, personal income tax, corporate income tax etc.),
• marketing (basics about marketing, various marketing approaches etc.).

Preparing a business plan:
The business plan is a tool for planning and controlling the implementation of business ideas. It covers business objectives, long-term activities, results, risks, competition, marketing and other factors reducing business risks and increasing the possibility of success of the business ideas. This is the core document primarily for the entrepreneur; but it can also serve for other institutions such as incubators and potential co-financiers (such as banks, strategic partners, investors etc.).

Training and education:
Usposabljanja in izobraževanja se bodo izvajala za skupine in bodo namenjena osnovni seznanitvi nosilcev podjetniških idej na istih področjih kot pri svetovalnih storitvah, vendar bodo splošnejša Trainings and education programs are organized for groups and provide basic information on same fields as consulting activities, but more generally and not intended as individual consulting.

A group of mentors will be formed which will connect experts from various fields. Mentors will assist individuals with a business idea in establishing a company, consult and educate them. In the initial period the mentorship is not meant to provide co-financing activities, but we want that in few years the group of mentors will assume the role of co-financing activities by entering the ownership of companies.