Incubation is the process through which the incubator offers to incubated companies everything they need to succeed in their initial first years. Incubation is carried out for already established companies, usually established one year (but not more than 36 months) prior to joining the incubator. The purpose of the incubation or the incubation phase is development of business opportunities by fulfilling and realization of the business plan or its up-grade, formation of the business team and networking with the first customers or strategic and financial partners. Goal of the incubation is to facilitate the first steps of the start-up, its successful launch to the market and completion of the incubation phase and inclusion into other environments, usually technological parks or industrial zones providing conditions for rapidly growing companies. Each company can be the in the incubation phase from one to five years from its establishment

Services for incubated companies:

Subsidized rental fee

Companies can rent business premises at subsidized rental fee. Rental fee is determined based on municipal legislation and amounts to 6,00 €/m2 for offices and 3,00 €/m2 for production premises. The rental fee increases progressively in accordance with the age of the company and reaches the market price in the fifth year until the establishment of the company.

Possibility to use common conference rooms
Companies have at disposal the use of conference rooms and small seminar rooms. Incubated companies can use the conference rooms for free for certaing number of hours; additional hours are paid according to the incubator rates.

Information and communication technologies
Offices are equipped with information and communication lines.

Administrative services:
• joint secretariat and reception area (available to all incubated companies and includes reception of mail, telephone exchange; optionally faxing, photocopying, secretarial services, etc.),
• organization of accounting services for incubated companies.

Consulting services:
• e-VEM services (in cooperation with Development Agency Sotla),
• business and management consulting,
• financial and tax consulting,
• legal consulting,
• human resources consulting,
• marketing consulting,
• assistance in preparing applications for co-funding for incubated companies,
• assistance in finding business partners for incubated companies – matchmaking,
• assistance in financing activities (networking with financial institutions or banks and funds etc.),
• organization of workshops, meetings, presentations, seminars.